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Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Nowadays, the Costa del Sol is a globally recognized tourist destination, which with its 161 km of coast, 11 leisure harbours, more than 50 golf courses, 23 nature reserves, its modern infrastructure and an excellent weather throughout the whole year provides visitors with a tourist offer almost unlimited. All this turns this city into the first tourist destination of the mainland Spain.


More than 300 sunny days a year


The Costa del Sol has a nice climate, with an annual average temperature of 19 degrees and more than 300 sunny on its beaches. It has a great leisure infrastructure, conference hall, shopping centres, bars, restaurants, night clubs, aquarium, zoos, amusement parks, etc. providing a wide range of entertainment options to those who visit this city.


The capital of the Costa del Sol is just 30 km far from our camping. It is a place which provides the visitor with the services and infrastructure of a big city, as well as with the chance to discover its thousand-year-old history. The heritage tourism lovers may visit the Roman Theatre, Gibralfaro Castle, the Alcazaba Muslim fortress or its Renaissance cathedral which is known as "La Manquita".


Going for a walk through its streets you can appreciate one thousand years of history, since the Roman era until now. The picturesque squares and spots of this city reflect its unique atmosphere.


Places of interest in malaga


La Alcazaba

The Alcazaba of Málaga dates from the Muslim era and it is located on the Gibralfaro Mountain where it can be found a castle with the same name. The Alcazaba and the castle are connected by a corridor between two walls called "La Coracha".

La Manquita

The Cathedral of Málaga was raised at the same place where the Aljama Mosque was located during the eight centuries of Muslim domination. Its south tower is incomplete and this gives to the cathedral a unique appearance and that's why it is referred to as "La Manquita" (the One-Armed).
Torre del Mar

Torre del Mar

It is a modern city with a continuous growing which offers to visitors the comforts of its modern infrastructures (shopping centres, cinemas, variety of restaurants, bars and pubs, etc.) along with its scent of fishing village. Looking at the Mediterranean Sea it has been witness of numerous civilizations as Phoenician, Roman and Arabian civilizations, and from all of them it keeps a typical taste, the Andalusian heritage.



Torre del Mar is one of those tourist treasures, which are not yet overcrowded, hidden by the Costa del Sol. It is an amazing place, with urban and crowded dark sand beaches, but not overcrowded.


It has a tourist offer with a wide range of beaches, restaurants where to taste excellent fresh fish, leisure places as shopping centres, cinemas and bowling alley, sports, and outdoor activities with the possibility of going for a walk through nature spaces or going for a bike ride.


In any case Torre del Mar is a different tourist destination. Besides, it belongs to the Axarquía region consisting of 32 towns to be visited and all of them have something special regardless of its nature.



Torre del Mar has two historical spots. One of them, its walls – defenses (S. XV) intended to the defense of the area from foreign invasions and pirate attacks which in the eighteenth century witnessed the battle of the French and Spanish troops against the Anglo-German troops. And the other historical spot, its lighthouses (the old one and the new one), the old lighthouse came into use in 1861 to warn the bay sailors and it was replaced due to the urban progress in the 70's by the new lighthouse whose scope is 12 miles and its height is 28 meters.



Our camping is located in the Axarquía, a region at the most eastern zone of the province of Málaga (Spain), touching the limit with the province of Granada. This region stretches through the coast and the interior of the region, and its seaside towns make up the Eastern Costa del Sol. Its capital and most relevant city is Vélez-Málaga. And the residents of this region are called "axárquicos".




Its villages are picturesque places which know how to maintain the light, colour and beauty of their streets and squares, their monuments and local festivities which along with its environmental and weather characteristics invite to be visited. The lands of the Axarquía are like a small Málaga: mountain, valley and coast.


It is just 4 km away. Vélez-Málaga, apart from being the capital of the Axarquía, has a unique charm which lies in the unbelievable combination of coast and interior, sea and mountains. In the 70's due to its architectural quality, this city was declared Historic-Artistic Site. Vélez archaeological sites prove the existence of Phoenician and Roman settlements in the current township, although the main city centre was founded around the tenth century by the Andalusian Arabs, who named it "Ballix Malaka". The sea, the orography and the geographical location of the Vélez River's basin determine the microclimate of the city, which is characterized by the mildness of its temperatures, with an annual average temperature of 18 degrees and 2,935 sunny hours per year.


The Easter Week of Vélez



The Easter Week of Vélez, which has been declared as being of National Tourist Interest, provides the visitor with a unique experience, 18 brotherhoods carry the images of their Christs and Virgins into a procession through its historic city center and they envelope Vélez-Málaga in a scent of wax and incense and so they recall the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ through its streets.


The Museo Cofrade (Brother Museum) is a cultural facility that has managed a balance between the traditional Easter world and the modern museology, and all this make it a point of reference for the interpretation of this religious festivity.


Just 20 km away from our camping we find Nerja, the most eastern village of the Axarquía region. Nerja has a long history proved by the paintings found inside the famous Cave of Nerja, discovered in 1959.


Under the Muslim kingdom it was named Narixa which means «plentiful source» and which is the origin of its current name. Between 1979 and 1980, the famous Spanish TV serial "Verano Azul." was filmed in Nerja.


In the centre of the village we find the Balcony of Europe, a viewpoint which provides visitors with impressive views of the sea. The name "Balcony of Europe" was proposed by the King Alfonso XII of Spain who visited the area in 1885 after a disastrous earthquake and who was captivated by the scenario.

Coves of Nerja

The Cove of Nerja has an area of 9,371m² aimed to tourist visits. It is a National Monument consisting of a rocky formation of crystalline dolomites originated more than 250,000 years ago, and one of the oldest sites of the Solutrean culture of the South of Spain.


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Andalusian Cities

Andalusian Cities



There are not many cities in the world like Granada, and so it is reflected by its streets and monuments. The Alhambra and Generalife, the fragrant streets of the Arab Quarter named the Albaicín, the Cathedral and the Mausoleum of the Catholic Monarchs inside the Royal Chapel are several examples of mandatory sightseeings if you spend one day visiting this wonderful city.
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The Alhambra was created over six hundred years by cultures as diverse as Muslim, Renaissance or Romantic cultures. The vision of the Alhambra's gardens, the breeze murmur combined with the sounds of water isolating us from the daily noise turn our walk into a unique experience.



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This is an ancient city full of monuments from different ages and cultures like the Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and Christians. This city will amaze all those who come to visit it. The most important sightseeing spots are the Mosque-Cathedral, Medina Zahara, the Synagogue, the Alcázar and its Andalusian traditional courtyards decorated with pots.
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It is a meeting point with flamenco and the heart of the Andalusian culture, located on the Guadalquivir River banks and one of the oldest cities of Europe. The Giralda, the Cathedral, the Torre del Oro, Casa Pilatos, the Plaza de España and many more attractions are some of the places to be visited in this beautiful city.
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Ronda, "la ciudad soñada" (the city of dreams), is located among the Sierra de las Nieves, Sierra Grazalema and Alcornocales Nature Park. The city looks at its famous gorge turning into a place without equal which offers unique spots to visit. Its sightseeing spots include the views of the gorge, the new bridge, the bullring and countless churches.
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